Cultural Heritage Tour – Diriyah, Saudi Arabia

“From the heart of a green oasis filled with orchards, farms, and fruitful palms in the middle of an Arab desert on the banks of Wadi Hanifa, Historical Diriyah is located in the North West of Riyadh, 20 km away. It is where
Imam Muhammad bin Saud laid down the foundations of rule of the first Saudi state, which resulted an unprecedented prosperity of human civilization in the region. Its impact extended for hundreds of years.”

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About Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Discover the essence of Saudi, where you’ll find a mixture of global diversity that has emerged from this cradle of many human civilizations.

Explore the rock inscriptions and archaeological cities dating back to more than 10,000 years. Today, Saudi is a proud home of several heritage sites registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Each season of the year offers a distinct Saudi experience. Whether you choose to climb to the top of the highest mountain, 3000 meters above sea level, dive into the magical wonders of the corals and marine life of the Red Sea or cross the largest palm oasis in the world growing more than 2.5 million palm trees, all of these exciting experiences, and more, await you in a country ranked third in the world in terms of safety.