Tonic Club

Oliver Bonnefoy


Tonic Club is a unisex concept that aims to become the market leader in urban, luxury wellness clubs with a 360-degree approach specifically geared around aspects of personal training, nutrition, sports medicine, spa,
grooming and beauty. The club will offer its male and female members almost concierge-levels of service, limited in total membership numbers and based around a tiered, unit-usage approach, for instance a member might
use more of the personal training and less of the nutrition or spa or vice-versa. As a result, membership prices will vary depending on the member’s package.

At its heart, Tonic Club will provide both a results-driven programme developed for each member as well as all of the usual aspects of a social and membership club. Tonic Club will shortly be announcing its first two
locations in the GCC and is currently looking at further opportunities globally. The concept is ideal for partners that are looking for a multi-layered destination concept, something more than a gym or wellness business,
that will see regular traffic coming to the property.