After 20 years working in fashion magazines, we launched Sosandar after hearing the same complaints from women time and time again. Women like us who wanted fashion to make them feel simultaneously sexy, feminine and

Women who wanted sleeves and longer lengths, but couldn’t find them. Who wanted flattering dresses that make getting dressed easy, and work for every occasion. We understand that you don’t want to wear boring clothes to work,
at weekends – or ever.

You want the latest trends that work in real life. Each Sosandar design is created in our in-house design studio and produced in limited runs, because no-one wants to wear the same thing as everybody else. We make quality
clothes you can move in, work in, play in. Oh, and eat, breathe, dance and twirl in too. You want to walk into a room and for all of your friends to ask “Where did you get that?” You want to turn heads. And you want it
to be affordable, so you can have lots of favourite outfits, but with quality fabrics, because why wouldn’t you?