NKD Life

Harry Singh



“Our mission is to grow with high performance, high quality products that promote a clean and healthy lifestyle and environment to create a lasting change.”

We design, manufacture, and distribute water filtration devices using state of the art technology and the very best materials. Our products represents our vision of providing clean and safe drinking water. Our goal is to
develop products that restore water by removing harmful contaminants (bacteria, viruses, parasites etc.) while ionising, alkalising, increasing antioxidants and improving the flavour, enabling the water to return to a more
natural form, “naked as nature intended”.

“nkd Life” is a socially aware company that provides clean and safe water for those in need around the world. Each nkd product and replacement filter will allow the user to consume 175L of clean and safe water. The nkd Life
Movement will provide the same 175L of clean and safe water in regions where contaminated drinking water is a serious problem, for every bottle sold.

With our water filtration products, we offer the opportunity via different programmes, to corporations with social responsibilities committees. We are currently working on humanitarian products with an unique Carbon Offset
program designed to save millions of tonnes of carbon emissions.



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