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Franchise Partners

How can I take part?
As a Franchise Partner you will receive a complimentary pass to RLI Connect MENA. Please note that all registration requests are subject to approval. Once approved, a confirmation will be forwarded to you. Once registered we will create an online profile for you to enable Retailers / Leisure / Entertainment Operators to learn more about yourselves and your brand portfolio. 

What do I need to prepare for the event?
As a Franchise Partner looking to acquire new concepts and brands, you will already have a strategy in place and know which Retailers or concepts interest you. Let us know which of these are on your radar or excite you the most and we will connect you so that you can explore opportunities to partner with the brand to expand across your home markets.

How do I arrange meetings?
Once registered you will be assigned a dedicated meeting planner who will liaise with you to pre-arrange your one to one meetings.

Why should I take part?
Save time and money – why fly half way around the world to meet potential clients when they will all be under one roof… enabling you to expand into new markets, make new connections, form strategic partnerships and sign those deals… all from one location.