JumpYard Trampoline Park

Darren Wainwright
Head of Global Expansion


JumpYard was founded in 2017 and has since developed into one of the largest, fastest growing and most profitable companies
in the trampoline park market in Europe. The company currently operates 15 trampoline parks in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain and Portugal. With a further 10 venues currently under construction. JumpYard differentiates
itself by developing trampoline parks that are significantly larger than the industry average and which include a wide range of activities. JumpYards ambition is to be more than a trampoline park and navigates by the
companys motto “Seriously Fun”. JumpYard has around 600 employees with a turnover of around SEK 265m (2022 forecast).

Pelle (CEO & Founder): “Health and entertainment are the very essence of what we want to do with JumpYard – we want to create an experience that children love and parents encourage. In addition to offering great amounts of fun and joy, JumpYard produces a tremendous amount of movement. Today we have around 1.5 million activity hours per year, which means that if we were to be our own sport, JumpYard would qualify among the top 10 sports measured in activity hours.”