Gulf Mark Group

Reka Sepsy
Senior Manager
Corporate Communications

GMG (Gulf Marketing Group) is a global well-being company retailing, distributing and manufacturing a portfolio of leading
international and home-grown brands across sport, food and health sectors.

Its vision is to inspire people to win in ways that make the world better. Today, GMG’s investments span across four key verticals: GMG Sports, GMG Food, GMG Health, and GMG Consumer Goods.

Under the ownership and management of the Baker family, it has become a leading global company, affiliated with the world’s most successful and respected brands in the well-being sector.

Working across the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia, GMG has introduced more than 120 brands into its markets.

Portfolio Consists of: Sports
– Sun & Sand Sports, Pedaliere, Dropkick, BasketBolista, Nu Althele, RSH, M-A-D, Vans, Converse, Jordan, Timberland, Columbia, North Face & Nike.

Food – Farm Fresh & Klassic

Consumer Goods – Franprix, Monoprix & Geant