Gravity Active Entertainment

Richard Lang
Managing Director


We are the UK’s leading active entertainment brand and are built on great products and outstanding customer experiences.
Starting our journey in 2014 with our Gravity Active brand, comprising of successful trampoline parks across the UK, after years of research and development, Gravity has now developed Gravity Max venues and are rolling
these out across the UK corporately and Globally through Franchising.

Our Gravity Max venues are state-of-the-art entertainment spaces that offer everything from dynamic, physical activities experiences, to eating and drinking in cool, contemporary surroundings. Expect to find multi-level E-karting
tracks, AR Bowling, AR Darts, Urban Golf, VR, FEC, Karaoke rooms, Battling cages, Immersive Gamebox & more.

Gravity is currently seeking talented and experienced operators in the F&B and/or Active Entertainment industries to franchise partner with across the globe.

Note that the minimum liquid investment of a Gravity Max venue is £4m.


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