Gagawa Europe

Ahmet Faralyali
Founding Partner


It all began with a moment of discovery!

Five seasoned entrepreneurs had the vision to create a brand that brought incredible taste to the table.

The first restaurants were opened in Turkey in 2012 under << Tavuk Dünyası>> brand name, meaning <<World of Chicken >> and then expanded globally under the GAGAWA brand.

The brand quickly expanded, and by 2018 it had become “the number one chicken focused restaurant chain” in the country.

Today, GAGAWA has grown to include 287 restaurants in over 50 cities in Turkey.

This success was further bolstered in 2015 by a strategic investment from Mediterra Capital Partners, one of the leading equity firms in the country. Mediterra Capital Partners now holds a majority of GAGAWA’s shares.

Last year, GAGAWA celebrated its 10th anniversary – a milestone for the brand, and a testament to its entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering commitment to bringing incredible tastes to the world.


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