Frontgrid / ParadropVR

Matt Wells
CEO, Co-Founder & Co-Inventor

Tammy Owens
Business Development Director

ParadropVR, created by Frontgrid, is the world’s leading virtual reality (VR) flying attraction worldwide. Now in 14 countries around the world and counting, it is (quite literally) flying in venues ranging from shopping centres, family entertainment centres, tourist destinations, hotels and resorts around the world. It also offers many world-first opportunities for brand experiences and direct links to retail.

Combining motion-based engineering with exciting VR environments, with ParadropVR you can fly over anywhere you can possibly imagine. Choose from our subscription games or create custom made content tailored to your brand or destination.

Now offering hardware which is unattended, multiplayer and is connected to a global online league, encouraging repeat play and perfect for esports and running events. ParadropVR is leading the way in retailtainment and competitive socialising, drawing new footfall and attracting new audiences giving venues the opportunity to capitalise on offering a first class attraction and generating additional revenue.


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