Richard Relton


Situated in Marble Arch in a stunning 30,000sq ft permanent location, Frameless features award-winning galleries and showcases some of the world’s greatest works of art, presented on a scale and in ways never seen before.
Frameless is an art collection of the surreal and spectacular, where visitors are not only in the art, they are part of it. Their multi-dimensional galleries are transformed with a 21st-century interpretation of the classic
masterpieces, designed to delight. Four unique galleries harnessing different types of projection technology opened its doors back in October to bring art to life. Guests take a unique journey as they travel through masterpieces,
having an intimate view of every brushstroke, seeing details in a fluid, moving dimensional way bringing these artworks to life. Thoughtful music composition triggers emotion through the highest climactic moments, as
well as very peaceful self-reflective interludes. This is a digital playground for all ages!