The Retail & Leisure sectors continue to face huge challenges across the world as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and in order to survive and thrive in a post-Covid world, the retail industry needs to evolve and seek opportunities that have arisen.

Change is a constant when it comes to the global retail industry, and even further fuelled with the current pandemic and shifts in consumer lifestyle. Shopping malls have changed the behaviour of many consumers in the last few years, and have shifted from retail stores to those multi-purpose destinations that have become part of people’s lifestyle.

There may be many different theories and expectations about the future of malls, but one thing is certain: the shopping malls industry is on the verge of revolution. Successful malls in 2022 are unlikely to be the ones that are still depending on old concepts.

RLI Connect Global will once again bring together the world of Retail and Entertainment under one roof creating a networking atmosphere unlike any other. From prearranged meetings to networking lounges, there will be one very simple objective, to help the region do business.

Why Should I Take Part?

As we all come to terms with new shared realities, staying connected has never been more prevalent. Save time and money with all your pre-arranged meetings under one roof, enabling you to find those new-to-market retailers and unique and innovative leisure and entertainment concepts for your malls, mixed-use destinations, high-streets and outlet centres. Make new connections, form strategic partnerships and sign those deals, all from one location.

How Can I Take Part?

Attend the event by completing the Developer Registration Form. Once registered you will be assigned a dedicated meeting planner to organise your schedule for the event. On arrival you will be taken to your own private meeting room where you will meet the people you have pre-arranged meetings with. In between meetings you will have the opportunity to network with other delegates in a central location.

How Do retailers Hear of the Event?

The team will be inviting Retailers / Entertainment & Leisure Operators to attend the event, it will also be advertised each month in RLI, the world’s only global retail and leisure magazine, promoted via our weekly newsletter and e-shots as well as across all our social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin.

What Do I Need To Prepare?

In order for you to have a successful event it is essential that you plan your schedule in advance and research the Retailers / Entertainment & Leisure Operators that you wish to meet prior to the event.

If you do not pre-arrange meetings you will not reap the benefits as these companies tend to pre-organise their itineraries and have little or no time for additional meetings.

How Do I Arrange Meetings?

Please contact Jess Milne, Event Coordinator.+44 (0) 1706 212200