The Retail & Leisure sectors have experienced huge challenges across the world as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and will continue to face unprecedented market disruptions for the foreseeable future. In order to survive and thrive in a post Covid world, the retail industry needs to evolve and seek opportunities that have arisen. This year’s event aims to connect you with the right partners to facilitate transformation and expansion strategies in a ‘New Chapter in Retail & Leisure Real Estate’.

Why Should I Take Part?

As we all come to terms with new shared realities, staying connected has never been more prevalent. The power of face-to-face networking enables you to expand into new markets, make new connections, form strategic partnerships and sign those deals, all from one physical location.

How Can I Take Part?

Delegates can attend the event by completing our delegate registration form. Once at the event you can network with other participants. We will be hosting 4 ‘Meet the Delegate’ speed dating sessions during the event. The team will also be available throughout the event to assist you with any follow up meetings.

What Do I Need To Prepare?

As a delegate looking to attend the event you should already have an idea of the types of companies that you wish to meet, that are relevant to the expansion of your business. Have plenty of business cards at the ready to hand out during the ‘Meet the Delegate’ Speed dating session and marketing material for those follow up meetings.

How Do I Arrange Meetings?

Please contact Jess Milne, Event Coordinator.+44 (0) 1706 212200