“Started as a mobile shop in 1972, we are now a leading 100 yen retail business owner with 6,451 stores in 27 countries and regions around the world.

Other than our main 100 yen based brand DAISO, we have Standard Products and THREEPPY carrying mainly the 300 yen price range products.

DAISO, our 100-yen based brand, covers a wide range of more than 70,000 products that enrich people’s lives, from daily necessities to hobbies and interests.

Standard Products, a brand with the concept of “A little better is always really nice”, carrying more than 2,000 products including eco-friendly products with simple design made from recycled thinned wood and selected products
made by Japanese craftsmen.

THREEPPY, a brand with the concept of “ADORABLE. JUST FOR YOU”, carrying more than 2,400 mature cute products.”