Maya Maya


Dorijan Garbajs


MAYA MAYA is a premium Swiss outdoor fashion brand, well designed, limited and specialised in functional hiking, skiing, and running apparel. Our collections are inspired by ancient civilisations, which can be seen in the unique and irresistible designs.

Each collection and season are unique. We continuously search for roots of civilisations, study their cultures and art. They are our guidelines, stories and inspirations. We capture the aspects of traditional clothing, art, and handcraft. We are dedicated to perfection and create never seen designs. We implement advanced technologies, while providing the best function and protection. “Function & design is what you wear.”

In 2022 we are offering a unique selling proposition and have developed a franchising concept that market has not seen before. It offers several benefits to the franchisee, including no big initial investment, no stock risk, fix and safe margin, turnover-focused approach, and all that within our multi-sensory smart store. “Franchising simplified, your returns magnified.”

Our multi-sensory smart store enables customers an immersive brand experience by actively engaging with all five senses, including touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. Sophisticated smart store features, overall digitalisation and omnichannel integration further improve the customer experience by making it holistic and memorable.