This year cannot pass by without mentioning…Covid-19

In every crisis there is an opportunity. Prior to the pandemic, we were in a transformational moment at AWWG. We had recently changed the group name to AWWG, in a bid to find a type of “last name” that all the brands could feel part of and we were just embarking on this new global vision for the company when the pandemic hit. So, we had to pause and adapt. However, despite Covid-19, we’re confident that the crisis is making us stronger as a company: we have learned to move faster, to be flexible and agile.

Five priorities, one goal

Our five priorities continue to be the same: consumer brands, product obsession, distribution, digitalization and people. The global pandemic didn’t change these priorities, but we have readapted them because of it. We needed to make a shift. We adapted our priorities to fit the new consumer needs and concerns and we thought, not only about what they need today, but also tomorrow. Today the future is uncertain. The consumer has changed and as a brand we need to always have this top-of-mind in order to deliver what they expect. But of course, the entire business has changed, meaning that our new focus has to be, not only consumer-centric, but human-centric, across the board.

Digitalization, the road to success

It is very important to mention that during this year we accelerated Digitalization. Not only as a means for selling but also to connect with our consumers and move forward with our end-to-end process. There are things we needed to bring forward to be able to deliver consumer expectations. We also changed our way of working, adapting the entire company to work remotely, from creative teams to financial areas. 

Another big shift was our marketing investments, which went from being purely trade and activations-based to a full digital connection leading to a meaningful connection with the consumer. We’ve invested heavily to get in touch with the consumer. We moved 85% of marketing strategies to be digital-first through a whole range of different channels. And this does not just mean the most known channels but email, Whatsapp and Twitter communication. Yes, we accelerated, and we’re not just talking about a one-way move, but making sure communication becomes a two-way conversation. We had over 200% growth in eCommerce. A trend which we perceive will endure going forwards and therefore, one of the areas where we will continue to concentrate our efforts.